Can i order via sms?/Can i inform u via sms that i have already made payment?/Can u callme?/ Can u please inform me via sms once you have sent out my parcel?/Can u please reply me via sms?/Can u please sms me the bank details?
Any SMSses or Phonecalls will NOT be entertained. 

We are unable to answer your sms or phonecalls during office hours.
By the time we are convenient to read your sms the inbox is already full and we will get very confused and afraid to miss out your payment or orders. We only respond via EMAILS to keep records for all our correspondances (avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings.) Smsses and phonecalls will only delay our process in providing you any informations that you wish to know. Please understand.

Any discounts for me?
All prices stated in our blogshop are FIXED and, STRICTLY NON-NEGOTIABLE. We have our standard profit margins, we do not provide further discounts due to fair basis to all valued customers.
Kindly note that we do not mark up on purpose, then giving you a 'false' discount later. Everyone pays the same.

I thought u have ready stock?
Yes, we do have ready stock.
Please note that our ready stock is only averagely 6-10pcs per design. Purchases based on First Come First Served Basis. If you are very keen on getting any items, it is advisable to make payment ASAP, this is to avoid NON-RESTOCKABLE RISKS.

Why don't you put a SOLD OUT sign if your ready stock are all gone?
Our items are extremely fast selling. Stock gone every single minute.Our team members most likely will put more effort in the email reply-ings, checking stock, packing, and posting out parcels to avoid further delaying.
We do not update availability status in our blogshop every minute, we only update it once a week (unless in there is any rare circumstance-stock strictly limited and not restockable in future)

SOLD OUT not restockable items will be deleted from blogpost immediately.

When will u have New Arrivals?
We have updates once or twice, sometimes thrice a week. Do follow our updates by joining our AUTO UPDATE SUBRSCRIPTION LIST. You will get our updates via email the fastest and earliest compared to the public. If you do not know how, kindly email us and we shall help you to subscribe.

Can u please reserve for me?
Sorry to inform u that based on our T&C, no reservations allowed. Items secured first come first served basis.

Can i see or try your clothes before i confirm my purchases?
Please understand that this is an online store, no fitting.

Can i have the refund since i don't suit the clothes that i have purchased?
Sorry. NO REFUNDS, or EXCHANGES allowed. Purchase at your own risk.

How long does it takes to restock?
Our restocking date is on every SATURDAY.

If your restock date is on Saturday, then i shall pay on Friday. Is that ok?
Items are secured based on first come first served. We depend very much on our supplier for the restock items.Restockability status from our supplier's place is beyond of our control. Once your payment is made, we secure your item immediately from the supplier, then collect it on Saturday.

If you are very keen on getting any items, it is advisable to make payment ASAP, this is to avoid NON-RESTOCKABLE RISKS, our supplier runs out of stock very very fast.

Behind the scenes,
Our business grown and we are currently having a pretty hard time to handle countless emails everyday. We are only able to reply your emails at night, after working hours. (10pm onwards). Customers who are able to submit complete order form, we shall reply you asap (within 24hours).

Your co-operation is very much appreciated.

Thank you.